It all starts with your existing clients.  The entire program works off the principal of "4".  You'll invite 4 of your best clients to a dinner workshop on Social Security (The first of two presentations).  They'll be invited as "Table Hosts". Their job is to invite and bring two other couples or individuals to attend with them and sit at their table.

So, at your first workshop you'll have 4 tables of 6 people (2 clients & 4 referrals), totaling 24 attendees.  The philosophy behind this is to have your clients as "cheerleaders" in the audience reinforcing how much their guests need to work with you.  You'll present the information and do all the "call to action" to get appointments that night from the guests in attendance.  

You'll spend the next week conducting your appointments with the referrals and guiding them through the process of becoming clients.  As soon as you've made four of the eight referrals clients, you'll schedule your next workshop on Guaranteed Retirement Income. You'll take your new clients through the same process you did with your existing clients.  The referrals will become your new "Table Hosts".  They'll bring their own guests to that workshop. The reason we do a different topic, is so you don't bring your new clients back to the same presentation.

You just continue this cycle into perpetuity!  You have to remember to keep track of the presentation your new Table Host have been to so they never come to a duplicate presentation.

How It Works