Workshop Costs

Each workshop should have a relatively low cost.  The simple explanation for this is the fact that you will pay nothing to market your workshops.  Below is a sample budget and a range of what you can expect to spend.

    $0.00 (Distribution List)

    $0.00 (Mass Printing Invitations)

    $0.00 (Postage For Invitations)

    $0.80 (Estimated Flyer Printing)

$100.00 ($25.00 to each of your "Table Hosts" for incentives - May differ based upon State Regulations)

    $0.00 (Event Room Rental - You should be able to find space that will be free if you are buying food)

$650.00 (Food Costs - 8 Existing Clients +16 Referrals + Yourself + 1 Staff = 26 people at $25.00/head)

$130.00 (Gratuity on the total cost of food)

$880.80 (Total Cost For Event)

Here are some other examples if you increase the food costs for a better impression.

$30.00/head = $1,036.80

$40.00/head = $1,348.80

$45.00/head = $1,504.80

$50.00/head = $1,660.80 *RECOMMENDED!!!

You only get one chance to make a first impression!  If you give these people a night out with their friends and one of the most memorable dinners they have had in a while, you will get more business.  Going to $50/head will cost you an extra $780.00 that translates into a $11,143 of annuity premium.....IT'S WORTH IT!