Marketing Your Workshops

The best aspect of this program is the cost of marketing, it's next to nothing!  You will spend a small amount of time on the phone talking to your existing clients and you will have the cost of printing about 20 flyers, that's it!

The following is the progression you will follow to market your workshops:

  • Identify your 4 existing clients to ask to be "Table Hosts".

  • Set your workshop date.

  • Secure the location of your event.

  • Use our proprietary software to generate your flyers and print 20.

    • You can print more if you desire.​

  • Contact and secure your Table Hosts.

  • Distribute 5 flyers to each Table Host.

    • You can distribute more if you desire.​

  • Continue to follow up with your Table Hosts to build your attendee list.

    • Remember, prospects can call in to RSVP or they can complete the reservation form on your website.​