Training Events


Gordon Marketng

20236 Hague Rd.

Noblesville, IN 46062

Each training event will be held at the Gordon Marketing home office located in Noblesville, IN just 10 minutes north of Indianapolis.  

To be invited to our training event you must hold at least one carrier contract with Gordon Marketing from our core list of annuity carriers. You must also be able to either drive to our Noblesville, IN office or fly yourself to the Indianapolis, IN airport.  Gordon Marketing will cover your hotel stay, food, and transportation while in Indiana.  

During the training you will learn:

  • How to market the program for FREE.

  • How to operate the "Event Planning" software.

  • How to give the presentations.

  • How to get the appointment before the workshop is over.

  • How to transition the information from the workshop into sales during the appointment.

At the training you will also:

  • Record your two commercials.

  • Have your picture taken for the marketing materials.

  • Purchase your own URL for your commercial website.

  • We will create your commercial website before you depart.

What you need to bring to the training:

  • A jacket and tie for the videos and picture.  Aside from this the dress will be business casual.

  • A credit card for the purchase of your own URL.  This will run anywhere from $12.00 - $15.00/yr.  (Rates are not guaranteed and can change)

  • A copy of your BIO for your website.  This can be in Microsoft Word or any format that can be copied and pasted.


Please register fast.  Each event has a max of 15 attendees!  Filling this out does not guarantee you a spot.  Please call to confirm your reservation​!

800-388-8342  x374

Training Agenda

Thursday ~

2:00PM - Latest arrival time at the airport if you are flying

3:00PM - You must be checked into the hotel

3:30PM - Bus departs the hotel for the Gordon Marketing             Home Office

4:00PM - Welcome and opening remarks

4:15PM - Gordon Marketing Profile & History

4:30PM - "Pay It Forward" Overview

5:30PM - BREAK

6:00PM - "Pay It Forward" Marketing Focus


8:00PM - Bus leaves for the hotel

Friday ~

7:45AM - Bus departs the hotel for the Gordon Marketing             Home Office


8:15AM - Divide into 3 groups for breakout sessions

8:20AM - Breakout session #1 (See content below)

9:20AM - BREAK

9:40AM - Breakout session #2 (See content below)

10:40AM - BREAK

11:00AM - Breakout session #3 (See content below)

12:00PM - LUNCH

1:30PM - Transitioning content into sales

2:30PM - Wrap Up

3:00PM - Departures begin to airport

Friday Breakout Sessions Content

Session #1

You will learn how to present both the Social Security Workshop and the Guaranteed Retirement Income Workshop in great detail.  You will also learn techniques to ensure that you get the appointments before they leave.

Session #2

You will learn how to utilize our "Annuity Leads For Sale" program to help you jumpstart your Pay It Forward program.  So if you are new to the industry and do not have that many annuity clients, this can also help you begin a powerful referral tree.

Session #3

You will have your photo shoot to capture your picture for the marketing material and for your website.  You will also record your commercial videos or voice-overs whichever you choose for your website

(You will have the commercial scripts sent to you as soon as you register so you can practice prior to training)